Birth Doula Package

Free Consultation

A meet and greet. Pick a coffee shop and bring your questions or use some of my favorites


Two Prenatal Home Visits 

This is where we get to the heart of your birth dreams. During these home visits, we will develop strategies for coping with labor, explore childbirth options, and cover what to expect. 


Prenatal Phone, Email & Text Support 

Reach out to me anytime! I want to hear from you, no question is too small or too silly. Let's talk about your pregnancy and your baby. If I don't have an answer I will find you one.


Continuous Labor & Birth Support

Continuous support means being there with you through the thick and thin of it. There is evidence that continuous labor support improves outcomes for mother and baby. 

One Postpartum Home Visit

Let me bring you food and let's talk about your birth story. Baby snuggles anyone?


Postnatal Phone, Email & Text Support 

I am here for you! For 8 weeks after your birth, I am in your back pocket as a go-to person for support and professional referrals. 


Professional Back-Up Support 

I always work with trained, professional back-up - so no matter what you will be supported.


Lending Library 

Gain access to my personal book and DVD collection. 

Package valued at 


Payment options available. Sliding scale fee available starting at $650.




Hello! I am Chenoa.

I am a certified birth doula through DONA international and a member of the Spokane Professional Doula Association. My path to being a doula began in 2015 and has naturally blossomed into my full time career. I was called to be a doula because I strongly believe: 

There is magic in a supportive presence.

Education creates personal empowerment.

Our human experience needs to be celebrated.

& Because I love birth!!!



I live in Colton WA (just south of Pullman) with my husband, our four fur babies, and a house full of plants. My personal interests include: reading books, growing food, spending time outdoors, using business as a tool for world peace, music, art, community-building, communication, multi-generational relationships, and children.


Let's Schedule a Free Consultation

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Why Doula? 

Because The Facts.

In a study of 15,000 births measurable, positive outcomes were found when the mother had continuous labor support. 

Researchers compared 3 types of support personnel: a midwife, a life partner, or a doula (a trained, professional, non-medical, non-related person). The study examined 6 areas of birth: use of any pain medication, use of Pitocin during labor, spontaneous vaginal birth, Cesarean, admission to special care nursery after birth, and negative birth experiences. All types of continuous support groups offered positive outcomes against the control group with doulas providing the most significant impact.


The research shows that best outcomes are achieved when a doula - someone who is NOT medically trained and someone who is not related to the client - provides continuous support.


Read more about the study here.

38% Decreased 
risk for low 5min 
Apgar score
39% Decreased 
risk of cesarean 
10% Decrease 
in the use of medications
for pain relief
15% Increased
chance of spontaneous 
vaginal birth 
 Shorter labor by
41 minutes
31% Decreased risk
of being dissatisfied
with your birth experience


Chenoa Durheim

Certified Birth Doula

Phone: (509) 723-3021



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